Google 地图 API 参考手册

Google 地图API 参考手册


构造函数/对象 描述
Map() 在指定的 HTML 容器中创建新的地图,该容器通常是一个DIV元素。


构造函数/对象 描述
Marker 创建一个标记。
MarkerOptions 标记的选项。由DirectionsRenderer渲染的所有标记都将使用这些选项。
MarkerImage A structure representing a Marker icon or shadow image
MarkerShape Defines the marker shape to use in determination of a marker's clickable region (type and coord)
Animation Specifies animations that can be played on a marker (bounce or drop)
InfoWindow Creates an info window
InfoWindowOptions Options for rendering the info window
Polyline Creates a polyline (contains path and stroke styles)
PolylineOptions Options for rendering the polyline
Polygon Creates a polygon (contains path and stroke+fill styles)
PolygonOptions Options for rendering the polygon
Rectangle Creates a rectangle (contains bounds and stroke+fill styles)
RectangleOptions Options for rendering the rectangle
Circle Creates a circle (contains center+radius and stroke+fill styles)
CircleOptions Options for rendering the circle


构造函数/对象 描述
MapsEventListener It has no methods and no constructor. Its instances are returned from addListener(), addDomListener() and are eventually passed back to removeListener()
event Adds/Removes/Trigger event listeners
MouseEvent Returned from various mouse events on the map and overlays


构造函数/对象 描述
MapTypeControlOptions Holds options for modifying a control (position and style)
MapTypeControlStyle Specifies what kind of map control to display (Drop-down menu or buttons)
OverviewMapControlOptions Options for rendering of the overview map control (opened or collapsed)
PanControlOptions Options for rendering of the pan control (position)
RotateControlOptions Options for rendering of the rotate control (position)
ScaleControlOptions Options for rendering of the scale control (position and style)
ScaleControlStyle Specifies what kind of scale control to display
StreetViewControlOptions Options for rendering of the street view pegman control (position)
ZoomControlOptions Options for rendering of the zoom control (position and style)
ZoomControlStyle Specifies what kind of zoom control to display (large or small)
ControlPosition Specifies the placement of controls on the map